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Challenges at the Port Interface. Therefore the inventory level changes with the placement of order. Time management has always been an area I have tried to improve on. The product concept proposal will typically include: This way e logistics has proved to be a big support in the present day supply chain management process due to the diversification of the business beyond international boundaries and remote areas.

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This way I will bring an appreciation in sales and decrease burden on the distributor in the supply chain. Issues observed during the simulation game: A major challenge for the seaport community. The evaluation and future of logistics and supply chain management.

Agile methodology handles project change and complexity through communication between project team members and end users. Both screening and scoring use a matrix as the basis of a six step process.

Before selling a product, making clear whom I want to sell the product to is of great significance.

This way the regular production scale is not disturbed during the earlier discussed changes in placed orders. Later these wholesalers would sell the stock to retailers for final consumption. However we were all motivated to work together to achieve a similar end goal.

I will do the same next time as I think this is the best way of doing business when the producer uses logistics techniques to track down order and deliver goods on time. What have I learned from this simulation game.

Messages to be communicated become simplified when there is effective communication. Innovations in logistic technology: Communication is an essential part of team work.

A major challenge for the seaport community. Members may be assigned to the project team. If this is your situation, it is vital that you take extra care to establish a relationship with your team members before the team begins to meet as a group.

The practical part of the course was really helpful where ones get a chance to implement all the knowledge gain during the lectures and through self-studies. I learnt from the simulation game that producer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer are all connected through e logistics methods can efficiently achieve effectiveness in business.

Also I observed the order placement could even decline so much that puts pressure on the minimum output that is required by the companies to meet their daily expenditures. Et al Marketing: Conclusion In the end, e logistics helps in supporting the movement of goods and services so that the required amount of goods could flow easily from one point of origin to the required destination so that the order placed can be delivered well on time.

My analysis is comprised of four parts, concrete experience, reflection, my reflection outcome and my future application. Shift people out of routine thinking. Aside from that, I learnt a great deal of patience and ways in dealing with people from different cultural background, personal and professional experience through team work.

I learnt that most important part of the planning stage is building project team. This is important and resourceful, as I will probably be working in a team or group in the company I work for in the near future. The second phase now is idea selection using convergent thinking method, Set criteria: In my learning diaries I will be explaining the concepts learnt during the lectures, group works, workshops and mostly through self-studies.

Chances for misunderstandings are minimized, if not altogether excluded. To develop an effective team, you have to start by choosing the best people for the job. I have learnt that innovation requires collaboration, creativity, practical implementation and added value to the product.

This shows that the balance in business tends to change. When you are down to say 5 to 6 good ideas then discuss them productively. A resource plan requires you to understand and identify the work to be done and the human skills required to complete it.

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While old-style approaches also recommend carrying out market research and study before we engage in product planning and definition, lean approaches increase the speed at which a startup team will operate.

Container terminal gate appointment system optimization. World Trade, 14 6pp. An initial plan is often a high-level outline and will be refined as you break down into parts the whole of your work.

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Otc Marketing Simulation Report Market Simulation Report #2 Group – Byung-Joo Cho Tyler Standing Huicun Ning Kai Yuan Zheng Introduction The introduction of B&B Health’s new product, Besthelp Cough and Cold, poses many threats to the sales of Allround’s Cold Liquid product.

Health Care Marketing Reflection Essay According to Berkowitz (), “marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges. Strategic marketing simulation reflection I was so struggling with making strategies about how to increase the profit margin.

It was challenging because it could not be solved by simply offering more discounts to increase the unit sales, or by increasing the motor's price to receive high revenues.

Ms simulation reflective report marketing essay
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