Madonna with a long neck essay

His elongated figure just lies across her lap and we wonder if he will slide to the floor. It was believed by many that the works of these four giants of art could never be bettered. All in all, this is a strange painting but this should not detract from its magnificence.

Mannerism did not have a goal of represent natural and erotic it was symbolical in the sense that Would that just make you want to give up your artistic career. Art critics and writers have varied views on what they believe Mannerism to be and in his book entitled Mannerism, John Shearman, the author, wrote: Is the baby alive and asleep or are we looking at a dead body with his lifeless arm hanging downwards.

Madonna with the Long Neck

However, the term Mannerism, to some people, rather than be thought of a style, is just the era in Italian art, sandwiched between the High Renaissance period which began around and ending circa and the arrival of the Baroque period of art circa Finallythe truly attenuated limbs are not erotic but emblematical.

In addition, the artistic works of this movement had good mastery in both technology and aesthetics. Do you think this is the face of a baby or an older infant or are we being tricked into believing that the child is older because of his elongated features. Another strange aspect to the painting of the Virgin Mary is there is a sensuousness about her pose and her clothing which is very unusual in Madonna portraits.

Michelangelo had loved to draw nudes in complicated attitudes — well, if that was the right thing to do, they would copy his nudes, and put them into their pictures whether they fitted or not. Are all those features part of the Mannerism concept.

Although few would disagree with this appraisal of their work, think how it affected a young up-and-coming artist of the time to be told that no matter how hard they tried, their work would never come up to the standard of those that went before them.

The painting was made with has made vibrant color palate that make the image more realistic. Look at the way her silky gown is cut high exposing her upper thigh.

But if this was the reasoning behind the long neck what was the reasoning behind the elongation of her hands, fingers and feet. There are so many unanswered questions for you to ponder upon. This is more a portrait of a then present day beauty. If we look closely at the Madonna we can see that her physical features have been distorted by elongation.

Was this just coincidental and am I making too much of it. The renaissance art movement emphasized on the rediscovery and use of high technology in the work of art which caused various innovations. The lavish, inviting image of the Madonna, combined with crowd of Angels in various states of undress has led some critics to believe that Parmigianino was trying to eroticize the scene.

Unlike some of the other artists of the time, Raphael was not big on giving his figures personality, or having scientific detail to them. The way his arm is hanging freely down is also a pose suggestive of death, adding to the sense of ambiguity surrounding the painting.

This is a very unusual portrayal of the Mother of Christ. Madonna With The Long Neck. Parmigianino Madonna with The Long Neck Galleria Degli Uffizi 30" x 19" Fine Art Giclee Canvas Print Reproduction (Unframed) by Aenx.

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Steven Zucker and Dr.

The Madonna of the Long Neck by Parmigianino

Beth Harris Parmigianino, Madonna of the Long Neck,28 3/4 x 23 1/2″ (73 x 60) (Uffizi, Florence). Madonna of the Long Neck Essay PART I: Significance Essay 1: STYLISTIC Analysis (50 points) Madonna of the Long Neck In many ways, each artist has their own individual technologies and style feature, and during theMannerism was a particular style for many artist adoption and favor.

This essay is a study of Parmigianino, The Madonna with the Swan Neck and also makes an attempt to understand the spirit and idea behind the guiding force that made Parmigianino deviate from the standard norms of art and paint this masterpiece.

The Madonna of the Long Neck by Parmigianino

Stylistic Analysis of Parmigianino's 'Madonna with the Long Neck' Words Jan 31st, 3 Pages The painting dates back to the period with the medium of the painting being 'Oil on panel' having a dimension of xcm. Free Essay: Long neck In Thailand Long Neck people are originating in the Shan State in Burma is a Union of Myanmar these unique people are a small minority.

Madonna of the Long Neck Madonna with a long neck essay
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