Celebrity endoresment in india essay

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Impact of Celebrity Endorsements

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Celebrity Endorsement

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Celebrity Endorsements in India Posted in Marketing & Strategy Articles, Total Reads:the share of celebrity endorsements in the endorsement world has gone up to 65% in Indian market, with the Chinese and Western markets having 45% and 35% share respectively.

Apart from the rising share and the benefits of using celebrity for the. investigation influence of celebrity endorsement on the consumer’s purchase decision. Research methodology is an important phase in research study. III. NATURE OF STUDY The study is a quantitative one which has used structured questionnaire to collect.

The power of the celebrities lies in these influences that they exert on consumers, even though they themselves are physically and socially distant from an average consumer.(Choi & Rifon, ) Celebrity versus Non‐celebrity endorsement effectiveness International Research Journal of Commerce Arts and Science http:lanos-clan.com Page CASIRJ Volume 5 Issue 2 [Year - ] ISSN –.

Celebrity Endorsement: An Analysis on Television Commercials in India Indian Culture: India is a country which has a very strong culture.

Celebrity endorsement in India

The culture is been shaped through long history.

Celebrity endoresment in india essay
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